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On this site, you can learn self hypnosis techniques, and how to use those techniques to improve your life in any way you want.

Over the pages in this site I will teach you how to hypnotize yourself, and then show you how to effectively use the process you have learned. With regular practice, you can use the power of your unconscious mind to enhance your life in many ways.

Maybe there are areas in your life, or in your character, that you would like to improve (or remove entirely!). Perhaps you have been trying for a number of years to achieve positive self transformation, or simply to quit smoking, or lose weight, or improve your self esteem, or reduce the impact of stress in your life, or make any number of other changes you would like to see in your life. This site will give you a very powerful tool for positive self transformation.

Would you like to know more?

Most people who are interested in hypnosis or self hypnosis are interested in relation to one of the issues (or more than one of the issues!) on the buttons below. Which one is of most interest to you? Click on the buttons below to go to the relevant section on the site.

The online self hypnosis instruction on this site is designed to enable you to develop an effective self hypnosis practice, so that you can create the positive self transformation you desire. All the techniques are fully explained, so you can learn to use hypnosis to quit smoking, or to use self hypnosis for weight loss, or for stress management, or any other change you wish to create.

The use of hypnosis to quit smoking, and the use of hypnosis for weight loss are very well established and accepted, as is the use of hypnosis to reduce stress, for building self esteem, and for overcoming phobias. This site has been created to help you learn to use the techniques yourself. You can use the techniques to quit smoking, or to lose weight (as part of a weight loss programme), or to improve your self-esteem, or as a stress management strategy. You can use the techniques you learn to help you relax, or to deal with phobias; to increase your self-confidence, or improve your motivation.

Maybe there are other personal issues that you would like to resolve, and maybe self hypnosis could help you with that. So, there are two things you could do immediately: firstly, you can return to this site regularly as it evolves, so that you can learn more about hypnosis; secondly, you can give me some feedback about the site - what you like, what you dislike, things you would like to see in the site, issues you would like to know about using self-hypnosis to resolve. So click on the 'Contact us' link on the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page, and let me know what you think.

Maybe you are just a little intrigued and inquisitive about hypnosis, but would like to try it for yourself rather than have a hypnotist hypnotize you, or maybe you have some specific issues that you are trying to resolve. Either way - this site is for you, so take a look and prepare yourself to start a life-improving journey!

Self hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment for medical conditions. Under no circumstances should you stop taking medication that has been prescribed for you by a doctor unless you are told to do so by that doctor.

If you suffer from epilepsy, or if you are being actively treated for depression or any other mental health problem, you should seek medical advice before learning self hypnosis.

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