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This section is a short and simple online free self hypnosis instruction manual.  You can use this section to learn how to do self hypnosis for personal self

improvement.  There are many reasons for learning how to do self hypnosis: to quit smoking; to manage weight; to improve self esteem or self confidence; to help manage

the effects of stress in your life; to eliminate a phobia; to deal with sexual issues; to manage pain.  Whatever your personal reason is for learning self hypnosis

techniques, you can use this section as your online free self hypnosis reference.  So, follow the links below to learn how to do self hypnosis.


This page describes hypnosis and self hypnosis in their basic elements (create a trance; deepen the trance; the therapy; awaken the subject); and lists some of the potential uses of self hypnosis.


This page examines the four basic components of hypnosis in more detail: induction (the creation of a trance); deepening (making the relaxation deeper and the conscious mind less active); the therapy (the reason for doing self hypnosis!); awakening (coming back to full awareness, back to full alertness).

Suggestion & visualisation

This is the method by which therapy is carried out in hypnosis.  This page gives instructions about how to formulate suggestion and visualisation.

Sample suggestions

Some samples and ideas of suggestions that can be used for smoking cessation; weight management ; stress management.

Correct breathing

This page describes the optimal way to breath!  The page also describes three breathing exercises to ensure that you breathe correctly.

Preliminary exercises

This page leads you through a number of exercises designed to help prepare you to practice self hypnosis more effectively.  There are visualisation exercises; basic relaxation exercises; exercises to help you focus.


The start of the hypnosis process – the creation of the trance.  This page leads you through the steps that are necessary for the safe creation of a trance.


Deepening is designed to make the relaxation deeper and the conscious mind less active, so that therapy can be carried out more successfully.  This page looks at deepening through physical relaxation; through mental relaxation; and through visualisation.

Hypnosis Deepening techniques

This page goes into more detail about some of the many deepening techniques.  The page describes four ‘countdown’ techniques; three ‘drifting’ techniques; five ‘relaxing scene’ techniques; and two other techniques.  All are designed to create a deep relaxation of body and mind with an increased focus.


This page describes the conditions and parameters that will lead to successful therapy in hypnosis.


It’s necessary after hypnosis to come back to full awareness, back to full alertness!  This page describes the technique for achieving this.

Overcome distractions

As long as you do self hypnosis, you will have to overcome distractions!  This page looks at the techniques that can be used to overcome distractions and remain relaxed and focussed.

This section gives a comprehensive review of self hypnosis.  It can be used as your main online free self hypnosis resource.

How to do self hypnosis

This is a short review of how to do self hypnosis. The page briefly describes each of the elements of self hypnosis and provides a link to a fuller explanation of each section.

Self hypnosis instruction CD

This page gives you the opportunity to purchase a 'how to do self hypnosis' CD. The CD contains a specially written and recorded combined hypnosis and self hypnosis program designed to give you mind tools for self transformation.

This section gives a comprehensive review of self hypnosis. It can be used as your main online free self hypnosis resource.

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Self hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment for medical conditions. Under no circumstances should you stop taking medication that has been prescribed for you by a doctor unless you are told to do so by that doctor.

If you suffer from epilepsy, or if you are being actively treated for depression or any other mental health problem, you should seek medical advice before learning self hypnosis.

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